Monday, 30 January 2017

Big January Sale 2017

Hi everyone!

I'm having a big end of January sale right now in my group on Facebook! It's a group I made for my page followers as some of you know Facebook's reach on pages is very limited so I thought I'd make a group so you don't miss anything plus get exclusive group sales and more.

You will need to click join so I can approve you to be a member of my group.

Here's just some of the pieces on sale

There is also a buyers giveaway open to anyone who makes a purchase in my sale album

For your chance to win these earrings just make a purchase from my sale album and comment on the photo of these in the group.

I'm happy to take reserves just ask me via private message on Facebook
Please read the albums info on how to purchase etc.

Thanks for reading happy Monday! :D

Christine x

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I won the muffin tin challenge 2017!!!

Hi everyone!

Well I only went and won the muffin tin challenge!! I actually had to pinch myself to check I wasn't dreaming ha! I'm so over the moon all that hard work paid off!

Participating in that challenge has not only given me my mojo back and got me making again it's also got me re connected with my blog and also posting more on my Facebook page!

I won a whooping $75.00 shopping spree over at Humble Beads!!!  How awesome was that I'm so lucky! I will share a photo soon when my beautiful beads arrive here in the UK :)

Oh I also got new photo's done of my muffin tin challenge entry's.....

 I kept these beauty's for myself ha!!
 Loving this beautiful cherry blossom necklace
Gorgeous orchard double wrap bracelet
These pretty flower earrings are now sold!

Also kept these beautiful earrings I'm a sucker for butterflies in case you didn't know lol!!
This birdy necklace has a beautiful colour combo  

You can't beat natural light it's so much better than artificial.

Here is a link to Heather's blog if you would like to have a read about the muffin tin challenge Humble Beads Blog

I've noticed there were 17 entrants including me and I've not seen some of them so I'm off to go take a look at some more lovely jewellery!

Thank you for reading!
Christine xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Muffin Tin Challenge 2017

Hello everyone!

Goodness me it's dusty here! I've not written a blog for well over a year now how bad is that!?
I'm participating in a muffin tin challenge created by Heather Powers of  HumbleBeads It's not a cookery challenge lol It's a jewellery one!

I've not been well since boxing day last year and kind of lost my jewellery making mojo! I saw this challenge and thought it would give me the kick start I need to get back in the game so to speak.

So as usual life gets busy and I only managed to start this challenge on the day of the deadline eh hem today!! 15th January ha!! Yep you guessed it last minuet job lucky for my the time difference helped me and I have until 5am GMT to get my creations and this blog done and in ha ha!!

Please do excuse the photo's as I ran out of daylight to take any decent photo's luckily Heather said don't worry about it just get rough photo's done so here's my 6 entries for the muffin tin challenge....

Here's my muffin tin with all 6 lots of supply's gathered cool eh?

First up is these beautiful butterfly earrings featuring Grubbi Ceramics I hand painted the butterflies with Vintaj Verdigris patina

Second is this beautiful Orchard wrap bracelet featuring Scorched Earth

How it looks on my wrist

Third is this gorgeous cherry blossom dream necklace featuring  Kirsty Jess, Grubbi Ceramics and an artisan polymer clay rose

Forth is some stunning earrings featuring HumbleBeads, artisan lampwork and Art Insendi

Fifth is another beautiful pair of earrings this time featuring my own polymer clay flower charms and Lampwork by Joanne Joyce. This photo has to be the worst ha!!

Last but not least my sixth entry another beautiful necklace featuring Beady eyed Bunny,  Helena Benkoczka and Bluebrri Beads

I hope you like what I came up with I'm super pleased with it all such an achievement for me since I've not been able to make anything I think since before Christmas!!

I defiantly will be re doing my photo's tomorrow ha!!

That's all from me at the moment I hope to write again sooner next time!

Christine xx